Wrongful Death & Serious Injury

It was just supposed to be an ordinary afternoon at work for your husband. Out of nowhere, you get a call that a serious accident has occurred. You rush to get to the hospital, to learn for yourself how bad things might be.

An accident as simple as falling from a ladder can result in serious head injury, causing long-term brain damage or even death. Falling into an open, unmarked trench can result in a lost limb if the circumstances are just so. There are all types of laws, regulations, and standards (including OSHA), meant to protect workers from injury, serious or small. Unfortunately, there is no shortage of job sites where (intentionally or otherwise) the people in control don’t play by the rules, and look to rid themselves of workers who might complain. The basic question is whether possible injury is less important than getting the job done “on time and under budget.”

Whether you are the injured worker or the family member left to pick up the pieces, claims involving construction accidents need to be investigated by someone who knows how job sites work, someone who has represented others in serious construction accident cases and who has a track record of success in construction specific litigation.

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