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Enforcing a contract with a customer …

Protecting the business when an employee jumps ship …

Making a vendor live up to its written “guarantee” …

Getting what you deserved from your business partner …

Convincing your insurance company to cover your business-loss claim …


Simple concepts which can lead to expensive, time-consuming court battles.

Christopher L. Deininger is a respected Morris County attorney with experience in both state and federal courts. Here are just some of the outcomes which Mr. Deininger has obtained for his clients:

  • Successful defense of a $40,000,000+ claim of auditor malpractice on behalf of a Big Six Accounting firm. Mr. Deininger– as a junior associate — establishing through discovery (including review of more than 1,000,000 pages records and deposition of former company president) that the auditors had been misled by the audit-client’s upper management. Case settled for a small fraction of the initial value of the claim.
  • Successfully defended a billion-dollar, multi-national construction company from an estimated $17,000,000 construction-worker-injury claim involving numerous contracts and other actors. Mr. Deininger’s client not only paid nothing to the plaintiff or other parties, but also recovered its defense costs and attorney’s fees.
  • Successfully defended billion-dollar hospital healthcare organization from a discrimination / breach of contract claim brought by a terminated physician. Case tried to a verdict of “no cause,” which absolved the healthcare system of any wrongdoing.
  • Successfully recovered approximately $400,000 on behalf of a disabled individual whose disability insurance company no longer wanted to honor its coverage obligation after the client suffered a series of strokes.
  • Numerous five-figure and six-figure recoveries for individuals subjected to harassment, wrongful discharge, and other forms of unlawful employment abuse.
  • Successfully defended a decorated police captain against disciplinary charges brought for political purposes, by convincing the town’s chosen Hearing Officer that the claims were meritless and the matter should be dropped. The town dropped that matter and the officer was absolved of the charges.
  • Obtained reversal of United States District Court Order from the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, reversing erroneous dismissal of an intellectual property complaint.
  • Obtained relief multiple times from the New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division following series of incorrect rulings in the matter below.
  • Negotiated settlements in numerous matters to achieve outcomes desired by the clients, but without the need for expensive, protracted litigation.


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