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New Jersey Employment/ Discrimination Lawyer Christopher Deininger aggressively represents those who have been unlawfully terminated, harassed, and discriminated against by their employers in their workplace. He’s an advocate against unlawful discrimination where ever it occurs, even in public schools.

It’s bad enough to lose your job, but to lose your job because of discrimination is an outrage. Unlawful workplace discrimination and harassment can be difficult to prove. If you believe you are potentially a victim of bias or harassment, it is important to document every incident in any way you can so that your case will meet the burden of proof in a court of law. A free consultation with a labor and employment lawyer like Christopher Deininger can advise you in this critical aspect of assembling your case. Chris has nearly 30 years experience as an attorney and significant experience representing employees who became victims of workplace discrimination and unlawful termination cases, and he can represent you aggressively in such matters as:

Age Discrimination Unlawful Termination of Employment Hostile Work Environment
Whistleblower Retaliation Sexual Harrassment in the workplace Family & Medical Leave Act Complaints
Gender Discrimination LGBT Workplace Discrimination Religious Discrimination
Race Discrimination Gender Identity Discrimination Retaliation Complaints
Marital Status Discrimination Pregnancy Leave & Job Assurance Issues Discrimination On Genetic Information
Religious Discrimination Salary Discrimination Equal Pay Complaints Severance and Separation Agreements

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Whistleblower Protection

New Jersey Whistleblower retaliation attorney Dennis Calo
The New Jersey Conscientious Employee Protection Act (commonly called “CEPA”) protects employees who have spoken out about illegal activities by their employer. It can be unlawful to retaliate against an employee through firing or demotion, when the employee reported, threatened to report, or refused to participate in, the employer illegal conduct.
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Unlawful Termination

unlawful termination

Fired, harassed, demoted, or blocked from advancement, due to your gender, race, sexuality or any other protected class, Then you are a victim of unlawful discrimination and could be entitled to compensation, even recover attorney’s fee. The law protects you, but you need an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Mr. Chris Deininger has that experience.

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Sexual Harrassment

employment lawyer

Sexual harassment can be unwanted physical contact, “pay to play” demands, inappropriate remarks about you or a co-worker’s appearance, and even off-color “humor.” You do not have to be victimized and you may collect damages, including attorney’s fees. You need an experienced attorney to protect your rights. Deininger has that experience.

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Age Discrimination

Age discrimination lawyer
If you have been fired, demoted, harassed or passed over due to your age, you could be a victim of unlawful age discrimination. You do not have to be victimized because the law protects you, and you may collect damages, including attorney’s fees. It’s too early to be forced off-track in your career or forced out of your job. Deininger has the experience to help and can help.
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Gender and Identity issues

sex discrimination
The law protects you from gender discrimination, and developing issues involving gender/sexual identity issues. You do not have to tolerate unlawful discrimination or abuse due to your gender identity or sexual orientation. Don’t let your children be bullied at school or online. Protect them. Deininger has the experience and is ready to come to your assistance.
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About Christopher Deininger, New Jersey Employment Law Attorney

Chris Deininger is an experienced attorney passionate about unlawful discrimination in New Jersey workplaces and schools. Mr. Deininger is known for histhorough, thoughtful, and aggressive approach. When possible, he seeks out pre-suit settlements of employment disputes. In cases where an early, reasonable settlement is not available, Chris Deininger is ready, willing, and able to commence a court case and, through discovery, built a case brick by brick. Mr. Deininger is ready to protect your rights and interests.


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Representative Matters

Mr. Deininger obtained a significant, confidential monetary settlement for an assisted living employee being sexually harassed by the facility’s director, after uncovering pornographic images from the director’s office computer and obtaining testimony from other victims he had harassed over the years.


Mr. Deininger obtained a significant, confidential settlement on behalf of former NFL player who believed he was being victimized at work due to his age and refusal to go along with potentially unlawful practices. Mr. Deininger confronted the employer’s insurance lawyer with documentation of the potentially illegal activity and settled the matter without the need to commence a law suit.


Working side-by-side with a well-known criminal defense attorney, Mr. Deininger helped protect a decorated police captain from serious disciplinary charges by convincing the town’s appointed Hearing Officer that the town’s charges were meritless, which forced the town to drop the charges and ensured that the officer’s pension was safe from attack by the town’s officials.


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New Jersey Employment Law Attorney Christopher Deininger

As an employment attorney, Chris has represented the rights of workers in harrassment, discrimination and unlawful termination cases. His ability and willingness to go to trial set him apart.

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