Police Officer Employment Disputes

Attorney for Cops - Chris Deininger

You worked hard to graduate from the academy and every day after that on the force, putting your life on the line because your oath as a police officer really matters to you. Whether you had a string of promotions or devoted yourself to patrol, your entire career, your hard-earned pension and your life long healthcare insurance benefits can be at risk if you end up on the wrong end of the politics.

Internal affairs investigation is a process in which you have protected rights and interests under the New Jersey State Attorney General Guidelines. Unfortunately, the investigation process can be imperfect, and you could be facing disciplinary charges and an administrative hearing conducted by actors who did not follow the rules. If its a serious charge of official misconduct or, even worse, potential criminal charges, your reputation and future are on the line.

Christopher L. Deininger has significant experience representing police officers fighting for their rights, including high-profile battles with the Township of Parsippany-Troy Hills and Mendham. An ardent supporter of law enforcement, Mr. Deininger takes these matters on aggressively, regardless of what can seem like a David vs. Goliath situation arising when dealing with the political machine of a township or city or even the State of New Jersey. His experience with the guidelines and rules pertaining to law enforcement officers enables him to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you, making appropriate OPRA and FOIA requests to ferret out hidden information needed to protect your pension and your job.

Chris Deininger, “The Cop’s Lawyer”

If you are facing an internal affairs investigation, administrative hearing or worse, the dreaded official misconduct charge, you need an attorney with Mr. Deininger’s level of experience and passion to represent those who put their life on the line for the rest of us every day.

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Chris Deinginer, A Lawyer for Police officers under investigation

Chris Deininger representing Captain James Carifi in Carifi vs. Parsippany Township


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