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Your trips to the union hall for work are over. Your were injured on the job when you fell from a defective scaffold that you thought was safe. Now you have a serious back injury that looks like it could be permanent.

How are you going to continue to pay for your house, your car, or college tuition for your children? You are receiving worker’s compensation, but it’s a fraction of what you used to earn, particularly when you think about the lost overtime. Your wife has worked since the kid started high school, but now even with multiple part time jobs she can’t make up the loss of your income. Also, how are you going to survive financially once the worker’s compensation insurance company says you have reached your maximum level of recovery?

You have a right to worker’s compensation, which, at least initially, is low-hanging fruit because everyone should agree that you have a serious job-related injury. But what other monies should you be seeking, and how do you get the responsible actors to pay up. What you need is an attorney with significant experience in construction accident litigation, someone who knows where to look for additional insurance to make a claim against, and/or for other claims to assert. An attorney with appropriate experience knows how to investigate the job site for purposes of identify all potentially responsible actors. That attorney also knows insurance law and how to argue from the policy language to get all that you deserve. Even if you are young and you want to think “I’ll be fine in a year or so,” you need to think longer term because you might never fully recover.

A New Jersey Work Injury Attorney

Mr. Deininger has more than a decade of complex litigation experience in construction defects, accidents, and disputes. His former clients include a billion-dollar construction company that routinely faced multiple law suits arising from construction accidents that injured workers — including serious injuries involving claims in excess of $10,000,000.

The sooner you get the right legal strategy, the sooner you will have peace of mind for yourself, and your loved ones.

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