Construction Injury Lawyer

Protecting The Client’s Rights And Interests in Construction Related Litigation

Whether the project involved putting a new roof on someone’s home in the suburbs, or building a forty-story office tower in the city, construction sites can be fraught with risk of personal injury and property damage. Projects large and small are ordinarily controlled by written contracts. These typically require contractor-employers to obtain insurance which may, or may not, spell out which party is responsible for any injury or damage that may be caused including loss of life.

Whatever side you’re on in a construction dispute, these cases almost always get enormously complex very quickly. The firm of Chris Deininger and Associates has the experience, the tenacity, and the manpower to dig through these mountains of paperwork to get to the material that is really relevant without simply racking up thousands of billable hours like larger law firms. This kind of litigation can come down to small details, the kind we know how to find leaving you in an advantageous position in court. Our focus is on timing initially because there are strict time-frames for making claims against public entities, such as a city or town. You need correct, and timely advice from the outset, as soon as the injury-causing-event comes to light.

A Construction Injury Lawyer for Injured Workers

If you are a worker who gets injured on a construction site, it important to have an attorney representing you who knows the ins and outs of construction contracts, insurance, worker’s compensation law, and personal injury law in New York and New Jersey. Without that proper scope of experience, you could lose the ability to pursue the companies and insurers responsible for your injury. The right attorney can get you the compensation you deserve, which can include paying medical bills, recovering lost income and/or, in more serious cases, obtain appropriate compensation to cover your permanent disability or the death of a loved one. You must understand that you are not necessarily limited to a workers compensation claim because, if contractors other than your employer were negligent in connection with your accident, you could have claims against them as well.

Defending Construction Companies and Insurer’s in Construction Injury Lawsuits

The property owner, construction companies and insurers are in a similar predicament. They too need an attorney capable of sifting through the contracts and insurance policies governing the accident for purposes of transferring or at least sharing financial responsibility for the damages sought by the injured worker and/or the worker’s family. There is no shortage of people trying to avoid their responsibility for a loss, including an adverse insurance company taking a no pay position despite having serious exposure.

Christopher L. Deininger has more-than-a decade of experience in the construction litigation, including significant experience defending a large, multi-national company in numerous serious injury cases. In these cases, millions of dollars were at stake. His experience includes finding and exploiting available insurance to ensure that his client either recovered monies due as a result of a serious construction accident or avoids paying on a serious claim for which another must be held accountable.

Christopher L. Deininger – Experienced Construction Law Attorney

For construction injury representation, whether you are plaintiff or defendant, it is the experience and detail orientation of Mr. Deininger and his team that will see you to the best possible outcome. When it comes to construction litigation, not any personal injury law firm will do, you need specific construction law experience and a track record of winning.

If you need advice and counsel about a construction dispute or accident, please contact our offices  to schedule a consultation.

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