Who should hire a NJ employment attorney?

The workplace can be a tough environment, whether you’re working the retail floor, taking extra shifts at a restaurant or climbing the corporate ladder. However, some employers take advantage of their power to make this environment openly hostile, and this is when you need to get the help of a leading New Jersey employment lawyer. Here are just some of the situations in which our legal services can help protect your rights:

  • Unlawful termination: Also known as wrongful termination, this is one of the most common issues dealt with by employment lawyers. Unfortunately, New Jersey employment law allows employers to fire employees for many reasons that are unfair but not illegal, like favoritism, office politics or being blamed for the mistakes of others. However, there are some instances in which your firing can be found to be illegal, like race, gender or age, and your attorney can evaluate your case to discover if you qualify.
  • Gender, religious or race discrimination: In the State of New Jersey, it is illegal for employers to discriminate on the basis of, amongst other things, gender, religion or race. This can apply to the employers hiring and promotion of employees, as well as retrenchments and firing. Your attorney can assist you by filing a discrimination claim with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights (DCR) and aggressively pursue your case to its resolution, including representing you in mediation and in court.
  • Salary discrimination/Equal pay complaints: While it is legal for companies to vary pay based on experience and qualifications, it is illegal for them to do so on the basis of race, gender, disability or any other protected legal category. It is also illegal for them to offer smaller bonuses or lower commissions on this basis.
  • Severance & separation agreements: If you are facing a layoff, your employment attorney is available to look over your agreement and ensure that there is no evidence of illegal discrimination contained in your severance agreement or payment. For example, it is important that your termination itself isn’t unlawful, and that the terms and conditions do not infringe on your rights and ability to get a new job.

Protect your Rights Through Expert Legal Representation. Speak to an Employment Attorney Today.

As a highly experienced employment attorney, Chris Deininger offers nearly 30 years of experience and insight into both sides of the legal system, in order to protect the rights of his clients and deliver an aggressive defense against employment discrimination.

Protecting your rights as an employee is a priority, which is why we offer free case evaluations if you think you’ve been discriminated against by your employer. Contact us today.

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