Is Your NJ Employer Cheating You Out of Overtime?

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Every day in New Jersey, countless workers are left without compensation for their overtime work. Some fail to seek an employment lawyer in New Jersey because they are unaware of this loss. Many others know they are willfully being cheated, but are unsure how to prove and resolve the situation.

How do employers commonly skirt overtime laws?

  • Failing to provide break time, but still deducting it from hours worked.
  • Excluding common tasks like closing down or cleaning up work areas.
  • Requiring employees to sign (illegal) agreements waiving their rights to overtime pay.
  • Inventing fictional workers to account for hours works beyond the standard 40.
  • And many other creative and innovative schemes.

In what industries is this issue most common?
An employment lawyer in New Jersey is most likely to see overtime violations in workplaces where hours can be easily extended based on customer count, such as the restaurant and hotel industries. In many instances, a large group of workers are subject to the same illegal practices.

Repeat offenders
Despite fines of up to $1,000 per incidence for failure to pay proper overtime wages, countless businesses still continue with these deceitful practices. Some of the most recent offenders may surprise you:

  • Amazon
    Amazon is facing numerous complaints for requiring workers to participate in tedious and time-consuming anti-theft and security procedures, but not paying workers for this on-site time following shifts.
  • Subway
    Subway has faced numerous claims of unpaid wages and overtime. It has been tied to over 17,000 violations of wage and hour laws since 2000. As a franchise, with each location operating as its own entity, these violations occurred without the Department of Labor being able to fine the corporate office or find it a repeat violator.
  • Chipotle
    Chipotle workers nationwide have recently filed a class-action lawsuit against the company, alleging they were required to work off-clock hours without pay. One former manager reported she was told to clock-out and work without pay to meet budget goals and require her subordinates to do the same.

Convinced your employer is regularly cheating you out of overtime pay? Attorney Chris Deininger is an employment lawyer in New Jersey who can help you recoup the wages you deserve. Contact us today.

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