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Employment Discrimination

New Jersey Employment Lawyer for wrongful Termination Chris Deininger
If you have been harassed, discriminated against, or terminated from your job under questionable circumstances related to your age, sex or other protected class you may be eligible for compensation.  Contact Mr. Deininger.

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Construction Litigation

Mr. Deininger is highly experienced in construction injuries and accidents, whether you are the injured worker or the company defending a claim. He has handled multi-million dollar lawsuits in both New York and New Jersey.

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Commercial Litigation

Mr. Deininger has more than 20 years experience handling complex commercial litigation. Contracts, business and partnership disputes can be resolved favorably and economically with Mr. Deininger at the helm.

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Whistleblower Protection

Sex Crimes lawyer
Violations of the Conscientious Employee Protection Act can include getting fired after you call out your employer on bait-and-switch consumer fraud. Mr. Deininger knows how to dig for the proof you need to win your case

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Government Frauds

New Jersey Whistleblower retaliation attorney Dennis Calo
If your employer is defrauding, deceiving, or stealing from the government, your actions may entitle you to part of the money recovered. You need to act quickly to insure that you report any issues properly, to protect your rights.

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With nearly three decades of experience litigating for both corporations and individuals on a wide variety of matters, Christopher Deininger has the deep knowledge and gets the respect necessary to secure better results for his clients. Your road to a better outcome begins the moment Mr. Deininger enters the courtroom on your behalf.

People hire Mr. Deininger because of his tenacity and his integrity. From the start of your attorney-client relationship, Mr. Deininger is working to get you the best outcome as quickly as possible. He thinks outside of the box to resolve your claim without a trial, but will fight to the end when necessary.

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Client Testimonials

Mr. Deininger won for me a substantial 6 figure recovery when a major car dealership fired me for reporting fraud. He fought harder for me than I ever could have hoped.

Darryel S., Northern New Jersey

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Christopher L. Deininger is a respected trial lawyer and employment law attorney.

People often think they need a “litigator”. But what they really need is a lawyer willing to take their case to trial and, if necessary, take an appeal to correct trial court errors. If the other side makes reasonable settlement impossible, Mr. Deininger will take your matter to trial and fight for the justice you deserve.

As an employment attorney, Mr. Deininger has represented the rights of workers in harassment, discrimination and unlawful termination cases across New Jersey. His ability and willingness to go to trial set him apart from other employment attorneys and ensure the maximum settlement for your case.



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